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Insulated Glass Manufacturing Packages

If you are looking to start up an insulated glass (IG) manufacturing facility, sometimes referred to as dual pane glass manufacturing, we can advise and quote on the equipment you need to set-up. We can also quote for supply of all of the components you need to use in manufacturing, apart from the glass.

Perhaps the most cost-effective set-up for those looking to manufacture up to 500 units, or for those producing curved units with a small team within a small factory space, is to look at a Thermoflex Equipment Package.  This package as shown below, includes: an Air Float Table; a Single Reel Stand; a Liner Stripper and a Shuttle Applicator.

In addition to the above, you would need an assembly station and equipment to cut and wash the glass.  You’d also need a device for the application of a secondary sealant.  If you are looking to produce high performance IG units, we would also recommend the purchase of gas-filling equipment.

Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacer is supplied in reels so is great for those who don’t necessarily have the means to store or transport 5 metre lengths of spacer bar.  Flexible spacer is also pre-desiccated and doesn’t require corner keys and connectors.

It should be noted that the majority of the UK and European IG producers use a rigid spacer tube to produce high performance units.  The main reason for this is that they were traditionally set up to manufacture using Aluminium Spacer Tube.  Then, in moving to a more energy efficient warm edge solution, there is very little investment required in substituting Aluminium spacer for a more thermally efficient plastic solution such as our Thermobar Warm Edge Spacer which has been designed with the same external dimensions as Aluminium spacers. 

We can quote for equipment packages for setting up to manufacture with a rigid spacer tube – whether Aluminium or Warm Edge, or even if you are just looking for advice in converting your current factory set-up to manufacture with warm edge spacer.  For the cut-and-corner-key finish, you’ll find that the latest high speed saws and the array of colour-matched bespoke fittings available ensure that the corner finish and any multi-pane window bars and accessories are flush-fitting.  However, if you don’t like the cut-and-corner-key finish, then there is the option of investing in the equipment to bend rigid plastic spacers.  In terms of automation, like a flexible solution, a rigid bar can of course be fully automated to get a phenomenal output. 

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Our business is dedicated to the manufacture and supply of highest performance components and machinery used in the manufacture of insulated glass. Our particular focus Is on the development of components designed to help meet the changing requirements for more thermally efficient windows. We are a multiple award-winning organisation with almost 40 years in the industry.

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