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Eurosiv Desiccant Test Kit (Sold Individually)

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The Delta-T test is the Industry Standard test for determining the activity of molecular sieves prior to usage in the process of manufacturing IG units. Active molecular sieves generate heat upon contact with water. The more active the sieve is, the more heat it will generate.The Delta-T test indicates through measuring the temperature change in the molecular sieve whether or not it is pre-loaded with water (e.g. near exhaustion) and therefore unusable. Please note that the Delta T Test, whilst is an indication of the activity of the desiccant, should be part of a range of tests to ensure your desiccant helps to ensure the longevity of your sealed units.

This kit includes: (x1) Graduated Cylinder (50ml) (x1) Plastic Beaker (x1) Thermally Insulated Beaker with lid (x1) Thermometer (x1) Digital Scales (x1) Funnel Desiccant must be stored in an air tight closed container in order to reduce risk of contact with humid air for longer than necessary. The Test Kit instructions can be downloaded below. See further information and downloadable documents below.

Weight 0.91kg
Box Quantity Sold Individually
Eurosiv Desiccant Test Kit
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