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MK4B Hot Melt Extruder (2 available) (Sold Individually)

Product Code: H007 & H009

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This machine is also available new.
The MK4 Hot Melt Extruder is one of TGE's most popular machines, suitable for the production of approximately 350 average sized multi-cavity glass sealed units per day.
The hopper has a sealant reservoir of 62 litres which can take standard size hotmelt blocks.
All Thermoseal machines can extrude any brand of hot melt IG sealant and have a pre-select list in the control panel.

Construction and finish:
• Mild Steel
• Polyester powder coat.
• Extrusion rate: Variable from 0-3.5kg/min
• Hopper capacity: 62 litres
• Display: Four visual readouts with contact display.
• Warning system: Audio/visual over-temperature warning system.
• Fail safe: Under temperature fail-safe system.
Hose and Gun cable:
• Large bore heated hose with twin braided internal construction.
• Cool-touch plastic gun.
• Low pressure gun trigger.
• Swivel feature on gun.
• External gun cable fitted onto the outside of the hose for easy removal.
• Robust metal coil hose protection.
Voltage Requirements 230V AC
Current Requirements 12.5 Amps
Parts & Services:
Used machines supplied by Thermoseal Group Glass Equipment (TGE) are supplied with a user manual.

Width 380mm (1.247 ft)
Height 1120mm (3.675 ft)
Depth 1280mm (4.199 ft)
Weight 1kg
Box Quantity Sold Individually
MK4B Hot Melt Extruder (2 available) MK4B Hot Melt Extruder (2 available) MK4B Hot Melt Extruder (2 available)
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