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500 IG units per day (Sold Individually)

Product Code: MANUF500

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Insulated glass sealed unit manufacturing production package.
This package is an ideal start-up package for the production of 500 insulated glass sealed units per day.
Please contact us to speak to an area sales manager who can help to advise you and tailor a package to your manufacturing requirements.

This package includes the following glass machinery and accessories:
• 1 x Mk 4 Hotmelt Machine
• 1 x 3M Clamp Table
• 1 x 8-port desiccant filler (manual)
• 1 x 1.6M 4-Brush Deluxe Washer (for 3-12mm glass).
• 1 x Pneumatic digital saw (see description name)
• 1 x 2M Castor-top transport table (?)
• 1 x Water Demineraliser
• 1 x set of nozzle guides
• 1 x spacer bar bender (manual)
• 1 x packet of silicone pads
Parts & Services:
• UK mainland - 12 months parts and labour including delivery and installation.
• Export - 12 months parts warranty. Delivery and installation by quotation.

Weight 1kg
Box Quantity Sold Individually
500 IG units per day
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