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Warm Edge Spacer Bar Bending Machine (Sold Individually)

Product Code: SB50O LOM

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The warm edge spacer bar bending machine helps to reduce waste and improve productivity. It can bend Aluminium and Warm Edge spacers creating triangle, pentagon, trapezium, or mix, or any specific shapes desired.
This machine has two corner finish options with the same bend tool - One for traditional bend finish with dished corner, the other to simulate a corner key joint on plastic spacer bars.
The machine can optimize up to 500 different measures of work, considering the type, colour and width of spacer. The program can be interfaced with most glass cutting optimization programs - E.g. Perfect Cut, Optima, Albat-Wirsam.
Gas drilling is selectable and automatic.
Printer connection (optional).

• Cycle time on Thermobar is approximately 35-45 seconds (dependant on size of spacer frame and type of spacer) inclusive of cycle time for joining the ends together.
• Can bend 4 corners or 3 corners – cycle time quoted is for 3 bent corners.
• Virtually eliminates waste spacer bar.
• Uses only one standard corner key per frame (or gas key if manual gas filling is required).
• Auto loading and joining using a straight steel connector.
• Workable spacers size: min 200 x 280 mm., max. 1500 x 2450 mm. (larger size workable in two steps). Aluminium / Warm Edge spacers H6.5 from 5,5 to 24 mm. (wider spacers as optional).
• Software link is bespoke to run with whatever software the buyer is already using. Data can be sent over a LAN , wi-fi or memory stick.
• Ink jet printer can be fitted if required.
• Gas hole drilling option available.
The bending machine dimensions are as below:
• Width: 4,850mm
• Depth: 2,040mm
• Height: 2,550mm
The rack that goes with the bending machine is:
• Width: 5,500mm
• Depth: 1,300mm
• Height: 1,650mm
Electrical power requirement is 3.5kw
Pneumatic requirement is 6 BAR.
Parts & Services:
12 months standard parts and labour warranty on use considered normal wear and tear (delivery and installation outside of the UK by quotation), plus 12 months free upgrades, technical assistance and parts only warranty.

Width 4850mm (15.912 ft)
Height 2550mm (8.366 ft)
Depth 2040mm (6.693 ft)
Weight 1kg
Box Quantity Sold Individually
Warm Edge Spacer Bar Bending Machine
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