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Rotary Table (Turn Only) (Sold Individually)

Product Code: ST017 SCV

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This turntable is a machine for the final sealing of small and medium sized double glazing. The turntable is made up of a fixed structure, called the base, and a table, capable of rotating 360°. One suction cup is on the table.
Rotation speed is variable.
This machine extends to hold glass up to 2.2m, and is operated on low power by plugging into a normal plug socket.

• Connection Requirements:
The connection of the machine to the electricity mains must be carried out respecting the
following regulations:
- Make sure that the voltage is the same as that indicated on the machine (230 V AC
single - phase + Pe 50 Hz);
- Ensure the earth is connected properly;
- Check that the air pressure available is constant and at least 6 Bar.
• Voltage Requirements: 230 V single-phase + Pe 50 Hz.
Parts & Services:
All glass machinery is sold with a warranty as follows:
• UK mainland Warranty: 12 months parts and labour warranty, including delivery and installation.
• Export Warranty: 12 months parts warranty. Delivery and installation by quotation.

Weight 1kg
Box Quantity Sold Individually
Rotary Table (Turn Only) Rotary Table (Turn Only)
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