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Water Purification/Treatment Plant (Sold Individually)

Product Code: SW550

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This machine produces high-quality demineralised water required to wash glass panes before they are used in double glazed sealed units - particularly important when working with soft-coat glass which can be marked and damaged by tap water.
The reverse osmosis process applied within this machine reduces the mineral components that make up total dissolved solids to a maximum of 99.8% depending on water chemistry, temperature and pressure.
This machine requires no de-mineraliser resin.
Product Code (with 1 tank): SW50501

Construction & Finish:
• Steel box section with durable powder coat finish.
• Marine grade ply for tank and pump supports.
Power Requirements:
• Electrical Voltage: 230 Volts
• Frequency: 50/60 HZ
• Current: 11 Amps (both pumps running)
• Connection: Standard 13 amp plug (special on request)
• Instrument: Dual TDS meter
• Average TDS rejection rate: 95% NaCl (based on 50 psi, 25 degrees C, 750mg/l NaCl, 33% recovery).
• Permeate (product) flow rate: 0.5 gallons/min - 1.00 gallons/min
• TDS Rejection (NaCl): 90%-99%
• Concentrate (waste) flow rate: 1.00 gallons/min - 2.00 gallons/min
• Display: Constant display for Product water TDS level with audio/visual alarm (settable for product TDS level)
• Water Supply: Potable cold water (tap water)
• Connection: 15mm water pipe or ¾" flexible hose
• Min inlet pressure: 2 bar (30 PSI)
• Max inlet pressure: 7 Bar (100 PSI)
• Min inlet water temp: 4 degrees C (protect from freezing)
• Max inlet water temp: 38 degrees C (must not be connected to hot water line)
• Inlet booster pump: Automatic operation to boost inlet water pressure with protection from dry running.
• Water Storage of Permeate: 100 gallons (2 x 50 gallon polytanks) meets with the requirements of BS4213:2004,WRAS and current water regulations.
• Outlet Booster pump: Automatic operation to boost outlet water to maximum flow rate of 101 ltrs/min @ maximum head of 48mtrsAutomatic cut off pressure @ 10 bar with auto re-start.
• Outlet connect: To suit your equipment (standard fitted is ¾" flexible washing machine type hose).
• Inlet TDS: 50 mg/L - 2000 mg/L
• Inlet hardness: 0 mg/L (0 grain) - 171 mg/L (10grain)
• Inlet Chlorine: 0 mg/L - 1.0 mg/L
• Inlet Iron: 0 mg/L - 0.1 mg/L
• Inlet Manganese: 0 mg/L - 0.05 mg/L
• Inlet PH: 4 - 10
• Waste Outlet: Drain required close to machine for Concentrate (waste) water and storage tank overflows (this can be fitted to the drain on washing machine
• Water Requirements: Potable cold water (tap water)
• Drainage Requirements: 3/4 inch flexible washing machine type hose
• Voltage Requirements: 230V AC
• Current Requirements: 11 Amps (both pumps)
• Instrument Requirements: Dual TDS meter
• Frequency Requirements: 50/60 Hz
Parts & Services:
All new machines are sold with a warranty as follows:
• UK mainland Warranty: 12 months parts and labour warranty, including delivery and installation.
• Export Warranty: 12 months parts warranty. Delivery and installation by quotation.

Width 1225mm (4.019 ft)
Height 2330mm (7.644 ft)
Depth 790mm (2.592 ft)
Weight 1kg
Box Quantity Sold Individually
Water Purification/Treatment Plant
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