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1.6M 4-Brush Deluxe (for 3-12mm glass) (Sold Individually)

Product Code: SW6005

Description Spec/Dimensions

This open top glass washer has a production speed of up to 5m/min which gives it the facility to produce around 2,000 sealed units/week. It is supplied with a 1.4m automatic entry rack and 2.0m automatic exit rack with light inspection panel.
It can process pieces of glass bigger than 1.6m on the shortest edge by simply putting them through the washing cycle twice.
The simple to use control centre for the machine is fixed at working height by the out-feed rack and is possible to access all electrical trips from this point as well as perform the day-to-day operation of cleaning glass.

Cleaning of the glass is facilitated by rotating brushes and high pressure water jets. When in high speed mode, the fine bristles on the brushes creates a very efficient scrubbing action. Standard brushes fitted are suitable for coated glass and normal float glass.
After the wash cycle, glass is sprayed with a high pressure water rinse and then rubber wiper blades pull off any excess water. Glass is then dried by a sound insulated high speed fan which forces air through narrow ducts. These warm columns of air remove any remaining water from the surface of the glass leaving it ready for inspection when it feeds onto the illuminated outfeed rack.
Product Codes:
• SW005 left to right
• SW006 Right to Left
Additional dimensions:
• Total Height: 2250mm
• Total Length: 5700mm
• Infeed Rack: 1600mm x 1400mm
• Outfeed Rack: 1600mm x 2000mm
Construction and Finish:
• Construction: Hard wearing steel
• Areas in contact with water: stainless steel.
• All other areas: painted steel.
• Top Seal: Rubber gasket (open top)
Glass Specification:
• Maximum Glass Height: 3200mm
• Minimum Glass Size: 300 x 100mm
• Glass Thickness: 3 - 12mm
• No. of brushes: 4
• Brush Type: Low E standard
• Brushes driven by: Chain mechanism
• Washing area (Hot): Two wash and one rinse
• Washer speed: 5m/min
• Internal rollers: Soft type fitted as standard
• Dryer: Fan encased in sound proof box.
• Water Requirements: 3/4 inch tap (garden type)
• Drainage Requirements: 1 1/2 inch plastic drain
• Voltage Requirements: 400V 3-phase + N + E
• Frequency Requirements: 9.2kW
Parts & Services:
All new Glass Washers are sold with a warranty as follows:
• UK mainland Warranty: 12 months parts and labour warranty, including delivery and installation.
• Export Warranty: 12 months parts warranty. Delivery and installation by quotation.

Width 5700mm (18.701 ft)
Height 1600mm (5.249 ft)
Weight 1kg
Box Quantity Sold Individually
1.6M 4-Brush Deluxe (for 3-12mm glass)
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