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Manual Spacer Bar Alignment Rack (Sold Individually)

Product Code: SW6060

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Free standing assembley station for glass panels and spacer frames. Available in 2 metre or 2.5 metre versions.

The first panel of glass is pushed up the stops on the rack.
Then the spacer alignement bars are pushed into postition by a simple lever operation, and the spacer frame is then rested on it and pressed onto the first glass panel.
By pushing back on the lever the spacer guides will now retract.
Then, the second panel of glass can be pushed along to the stops where it will line up with the first panel.
Then it can be pushed onto the spacer frame and the first glass panel.
It is then ready to be pressed in a roller press, panel press or edge press.

Weight 1kg
Box Quantity Sold Individually
Manual Spacer Bar Alignment Rack Manual Spacer Bar Alignment Rack Manual Spacer Bar Alignment Rack
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