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4mm Mill Finish Spacer Bar (H8) (Box of 2,300m)

Product Code: B100

Description Spec/Dimensions

4mm Mill Finish Aluminium Spacer Bar is a silver spacer tube with a shiney finish. This spacer differs from standard spacer systems in that the profile height is 8mm (standard is 6.5mm). For manual sealed unit assembly this spacer bar is cut and joined using corner keys.

For use in the cut and key system assembly, this rigid spacer tube requires desiccant filling. It is manufactured to extremely fine tolerance. Technical data can be downloaded below or supplied on request.

Width 4mm (0.157 inches)
Height 8mm (0.315 inches)
Length 4000mm (13.123 ft)
Weight 39.1kg
Box Quantity Box of 2,300m
4mm Mill Finish Spacer Bar (H8)
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