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Q. What is Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacer?

Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacer System is a flexible pre-desiccated foam rubber spacer system with a unique gas/moisture barrier tape and pre-applied adhesive side tape. It is one of two warm edge spacer systems we manufacture in-house. Thermoflex and Thermobar both offer highest performance and are the result of Thermoseal Group’s 39-plus years of dedication to insulated glass.

Thermoflex is currently available in black and grey in profile widths: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm and 24mm. These are supplied in small reels, medium reels and large auto-reels. Click here for the full range.

Q. What is the Thermal Conductivity Value of Thermobar Warm Edge Spacer Tube?

Thermobar Warm Edge Spacer tube has a thermal conductivity value of 0.14W/mK on a 15.5mm airspace - with or without its gas barrier tape. This is the value as per IFT-Rosenheim physical testing (this includes desiccant and PIB). There is a BuildCheck Data Sheet downloadable on the our website, certifying this figure. 

Thermobar is also Passive House approved and offers a phA rating for Arctic Climates (phA+ with Hot Melt secondary sealant).  

We are proud to have manufactured our own British-made product which offers one of the best thermal performances available worldwide.

Q. What Awards has Thermoseal Group won and why?

In recognition of our excellent products, quality and service, as well as our dedication to staff and customers we have won a series of prestigious awards in recent years. Our most prided award was announced on 21st April 2017 by Her Majesty The Queen who awarded Thermoseal Group with The Queen’s Award for Enterprise – International Trade 2017.  We also ranked No.96 in the 12th Annual Sunday Times HSBC International Fast Track 200 League Table with the league of businesses with fastest-growing International sales.

In 2020 and 2021, we won Spacer Bar Manufacturer of the Year in the National Fenestration Awards. In addition to this, in 2021 we were awarded the Glass and Glazing Industry's prestigious G-Award for Best Component Supplier.

Most recently, we won ‘Spacer Bar Company of the Year’ for the National Fenestration Awards 2022, for the third time in a row. We are also delighted to announce that we were once again shortlisted for the highly-acclaimed G-awards ‘Component Supplier of the Year’. 

Prior to this, we also have an accolade of awards including:

It was also a great achievement to be shortlisted for various other awards in 2017 including: the G-Award for 'Training and Development Initiative of the Year' (which we won in 2015); the Wigan Business Award for Apprenticeship of the Year', the EEF National Future Manufacturing Award for Export and the Insider International Trade Award for Emerging Exporter.

Q. Does Thermoseal Group supply insulated glass components outside of the UK?

Thermoseal Group has a growing export customer base and now supplies to 40 countries in 6 continents including: Europe; Asia; North America; South America and Oceania.

Contact the Group’s Export Manager on  For details of our sales and service teams, please click here.

Q. How do I become a Distributor of Thermoseal Group's Products?

Thermoseal Group is the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of insulated glass (IG) components, including two of the highest performance warm edge spacers available worldwide - Thermobar Warm Edge Spacer and Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacer.  We supply over 2,500 IG components, the full range including:  Spacer Bars and Accessories (Warm Edge, Aluminium and Steel); Sealants (PIB, PU, PS, Hot Melt and other specialist products); Molecular Sieve Desiccant; Georgian Bars, Victorian Grilles and Accessories; DecraLed Decorative Lead, Film, Fused Tiles and Bevels; Adhesive Tapes and a range of equipment, tools and accessories used in the production of IG units.

We are always looking for distributors outside of the UK, particularly in Eastern Europe and the USA.  For further information, visit our export page by clicking here  

Q. How do I recycle my used Thermoflex and DecraLed packaging?

We will gladly accept your used boxes, reels, and where applicable, the plastic bag the reel comes in (excluding the foil insert which will need to be disposed of in the usual way). 

We can recycle all packaging as below:

  • Thermoflex Standard Reel with Box and Plastic Bag
  • Thermoflex Auto Reel with Box and Plastic Bag 
  • DecraLed Boxes and Empty Reel

Click here to view our video guide or follow our instructions below.

UK customers can easily arrange collection by contacting their local branch who will ensure that our delivery driver picks them up when next delivering to the customer's site. 


Q. Do you have any tips for making sealed units to meet EN1279 part 3 standards?

  • Limit the number of paths for escape of gas where possible and ensure that corners, joints and staple holes are secured to limit gas loss. It is unlikely that you will be able to meet the requirements of part 3 without using a dual seal system - i.e. PIB as an inner sealant.  If you don't have a PIB machine, ask us about purchasing your spacer bar with pre-applied PIB.
  • Try using hand-applied PIB as a primary seal to bond your unit together.
  • Once your unit is filled with gas, plug and fill gas holes as soon as possible to limit the gas loss during manufacture.
  • To achieve the best sealant bond ensure that the sealant is at its optimum temperature for application and that the glass is warm and dry.

Q. What is the shelf life of Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacer?

The shelf life of Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacer is 12 months from the date of manufacture and this is printed on the individual label attached to each box.  This is a similar shelf life to other pre-desiccated flexible spacer systems and may still be fully active beyond this period.  

To ensure that the product is fully active, you can check this using an activity test kit, which is  available to purchase from Thermoseal Group.  See: Thermoflex Desiccant Test KitsReplacement Humidity Indicator Cards are also available.

We recommend that once opened, Thermoflex should be resealed in the original foil bag, expelling as much air as possible to ensure the maximum usable life.

Q. What are EN1279 Standards for Manufacturing Insulated Glass Sealed Units?

Sealed unit manufacturers trading within the EU must consider this European standard for manufacturing insulated glass sealed units. It has 6 parts as follows:

Part 1 of the standard deals with a number of key issues for all manufacturers of insulating glass units in building. It covers the system description, which describes the properties and performance of the products being manufactured.  

Part 2 is for air-filled units and requires the manufacturer to have a set of units tested to determine their resistance and moisture ingress.  

Part 3 for gas-filled units (normally Argon) and requires the manufacturer to have a set of units tested to determine their ability to retain the gas, and hence the claimed thermal performance improvement for the working life of the unit. Please note that building regulations suggest that the majority of double glazed sealed units will need to be gas-filled to meet energy efficiency guidelines and achieve higher Window Energy Ratings (WERs). This test can take up to six months from application, so apply now so that you can continue to supply insulated glass sealed units which meet the demand for WERs.

Part 4 for sealants (to be supplied by sealant suppliers).

Part 5 is the legal part of the standard and all other parts support part 5.

Part 6 describes a minimum factory production control systems and describes the required periodic testing.

Q. What machinery and parts does Thermoseal Group supply?

Thermoseal Group supplies its own range of machinery and equipment used in the manufacture of insulated glass sealed units / dual pane glass.We also supply a range of equipment sourced from carefully selected suppliers.

For the full range, click here.

If you have previously purchased equipment from us and are looking for parts or maintenance, please either e-mail: or call 0044 (0) 121 331 3950 and ask for our engineering department. For images and contact information of all of our customer service teams, click here.

Q. What fittings and accessories are required in the construction of insulated glass sealed units / dual pane glass?

Each spacer system has its own bespoke flush-fitting accessories used in the manufacture of insulated glass sealed units, which depending on the spacer system, may include:  Standard Corner Keys; Gas Corner Keys; Gas Collars and Plugs; Straight Connectors; Flexi Keys; Duplex Fittings; Interbar and Fittings.  For our full range of corner keys and accessories, click here.

Q. What tools and ancillary items does Thermoseal Group supply?

Thermoseal Group supplies a wide range of tools and equipment used in the manufacture of insulated glass sealed units / dual pane glass. The extensive range includes everything from saws and glass lifting equipment to safety wear, staples, cleaning fluids, adhesives and much more.For the full range, click here.

Q. What tapes for Insulated Glass manufacturing does Thermoseal Group supply?

We currently supply over 3 million metres of tape specifically tested and proven for use in manufacturing  of insulated glass (IG) and for use with a variety of secondary sealants.  We can confidently say through our extensive testing in sealed units that not all tapes are suitable for this use.  They must be formulated using: a suitable butyl; the correct weave and thickness of material; the right adhesive to bind to the glass and to the sealant without a negative reaction to the edge sealant.  For information on our full range of tapes, click here.

Q. What Georgian and Victorian Systems does Thermoseal Group supply?

Thermoseal Group supplies one of the widest ranges of Georgian bars and fittings available in the UK including a 5x18mm range, an 18x8mm range and a 25x8mm range, many of which are available in bi-colours to suit bi-colour frame systems. In addition, there are various other Georgian bars and fittings on offer to create a range of Georgian patterns and designs incorporated within insulated glass sealed units. For the full range, click here.

Q. What quantity of desiccant is required in IG units?

The requirement for EN1279 standards is 20-30g of desiccant in each test size unit.

Traditionally, for an aluminium spacer frame, the recommendation is that you fill one long and one short side of spacer with desiccant. Due to the smaller internal cavity in many warm edge spacers such as Thermobar, it is recommended that manufacturers fill three to four sides of the spacer frame in order to attain the same unit life. This requires a similar volume of desiccant as filling aluminium frames. Please note that the internal cavity in warm edge bars may vary between manufacturers. Therefore, we recommend that you check with your warm edge supplier for their desiccant filling recommendations to ensure the correct volume of desiccant is used to achieve optimum IG unit life expectancy.

Q. What is a 3A Molecular Sieve Desiccant?

A 3A or 3 Angstrom Molecular Sieve Desiccant such as Eurosiv is a desiccant which selectively adsorbs moisture vapour and not other chemicals whose molecular diameters are larger than 3 Angstroms.

Eurosiv is a desiccant with uniform pore diameters of 3 Angstroms (Angstroms are the unit measurement of the pore size), which is large enough to adsorb water vapour molecules, but small enough to avoid adsorbing some inert gases - those used in glazing manufacture such as Argon, Krypton and Xenon.

Q. What forms of Desiccant are used in IG Manufacturing?

Molecular sieve desiccants for the manufacture of Insulated Glass (IG) units can take two forms. Firstly, when spacer bar with a cavity space inside is used (either metal spacer or warm edge), a desiccant comprised of small beads such as Eurosiv is used to fill the cavity inside the bar – standard bead (1-1.3mm) or Extra-Mini Bead (0.3-0.8mm). Alternatively, a foam spacer system such as Thermoseal Group’s own Thermoflex warm edge spacer is pre-desiccated with a 3A desiccant in the form of a powder.

Q. Why do we use desiccant in Insulated Glass Manufacturing?

When we bring two panes of glass together and seal them, air is trapped in the space between them. This air contains water vapour (as well as other gases) which if not removed can cause condensation and unit failure. Molecular sieve desiccant is designed to adsorb this initial water vapour. It is important that there is enough desiccant present to adsorb both the moisture initially trapped inside and the moisture passing through the edge seal into the unit over its working life. This will prevent moisture from condensing on the glass surface and prevent premature unit failure.

Q. Do I need to buy a PIB machine to PIB spacer tubes for dual seal units?

The increase in demand for high performance dual seal units to meet EN1279 part 3 regulations for gas retention, means that IG manufacturers must either purchase PIB application machines or pay staff to apply PIB by hand.

We supply PIB tape to make hand-application of PIB a much easier process, or we can supply PIB machines for automated application.

Q. Do I need to dual seal insulated glass sealed units?

To dual seal to insulated glass sealed units means to apply both a primary sealant to adhere the spacer bar to the glass and a secondary seal to the back of the spacer bar around the edge of the glass unit. Using both sealants serves to increase the length of the path of moisture in and out of the glass sealed unit. Manufacturers use this method to improve gas retention and keep moisture out of the unit which helps to improve the longevity of the sealed unit. It also helps to meet the requirements of EN1279 part 3 regulations for gas retention.

Q. What range of Insulated Glass sealants does Thermoseal Group supply?

Thermoseal Group supplies a range of primary and secondary sealants used in the manufacture of insulated glass sealed units, including: Polyisobutylene PIB Primary Sealants; Hot Melt Secondary Sealants; Polyurethane 2-Part Secondary Sealants; Polysulphide 2-Part Secondary Sealants and some additional Specialist Adhesives and Sealants. For the full range, click here.

All of the sealants we supply have been fully independently tested to EN1279 part 2 and 3 standards to ensure that them meet the requirements for moisture penetration and gas leakage.Our sealants are all continually tested and benchmarked to EN1279 standards in our own in-house test facilities to ensure: good adhesion to glass and spacer; optimum tensile properties; low density, as well as very low moisture vapour and gas transion rate.

Q. What type of Windows is Steel Spacer Bar most used for?

Steel spacer bar is often used in fire resistant windows. Due to the natural properties of steel it is an ideal application for fire rated windows.  For details of the range of steel spacer and fittings we supply, click here

Q. What range of Aluminium Spacers and Components do you supply?

We stock the largest quantity and variety of Aluminium Spacer in the UK including a wide range of colours and sizes.  For the full range, click here.

Q. Will Thermoflex reels work on current manual and automated equipment?

Yes. All reels / coils have been made to fit with existing foam spacer manufacturing equipment.

In terms of automation, we have supplied samples of our warm edge products to a range of machinery manufacturers including those who supply worldwide, such as Forel, Lisec and Bystronic; as well as others such as Korean and Chinese manufacturers who supply to their own specific market rather than for export.  Although our products generally work on the majority of automated machine set-ups, we have tweaked our product formulas and worked with the manufacturers, distributors and customers, both in the UK and export markets, to build up a database of specific calibrations for each type of machinery. Ultimately, we took our time with product trials, which was more crucial when working with Thermoflex as we made minute alterations to the formula to optimise the way it runs on the wide range of different machines operating across different continents.

It’s important to add at this point in time, that in order to do this we have invested heavily in our Technical Centre and EN1279 Test Facilities to ensure that any minor alteration we make to our products doesn’t have any impact on its highest performance thermal properties, or on the longevity of the product within the lifetime of a window. 

Q. Why Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacer is your best purchasing decision?

Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacer is a premium elastomeric foam product offered at a very competitive price.

Do you currently have to wait 7-10 days for your flexible warm edge spacer to be delivered in the UK?  You can purchase Thermoflex in any quantity from 20/40 metre reels to large Auto Reels in singular boxes or pallets and receive it within 3 days or less by one of Thermoseal Group’s own fleet of vehicles. 

Thermoflex can also be purchased from any of Thermoseal Group’s depots and can be delivered in the UK with a wide range of other IG components with no delivery charge (minimum total order quantities apply).

Q. Why is Thermoflex a highest quality premium product?

Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacer is made exclusively in Thermoseal Group’s own factory where we compound our own raw materials in-house so that we can completely control the quality of our products from initial inception of the idea.  We design and develop our own products; we test all of our products in our own laboratory and then in our EN1279 test centre to European and International standards before submitting them for independent testing; we source only the best raw materials; we have strict quality control procedures in place; we ensure our products are packed and packaged straight from our production line to ensure the longevity of the product.  This is particularly important for Thermoflex which is moisture-sensitive so speedy air-tight packaging helps to minimise moisture up-take to preserve this for its lifetime in IG sealed units.

Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacer is made to Thermoseal Group’s own exacting standards in terms of tolerance on the sizing of the product. Our innovative manufacturing control and processes ensures that when our spacer comes off the production line, that there is less variance in size than competitors.

Q. Is Thermobar Warm Edge Spacer bendable?

Yes. However, as Thermobar is made with an engineering plastic, it needs heat to bend. This can be manually bent using a heat source, or bent using automated bending machines. With Thermobar, it is important that it works using traditional automated bending machines, as well as the new ones entering the market, so we work with a wide range of warm edge bending machine suppliers to optimise the speed that the product bends and maximise output.

Q. What is Thermobar Warm Edge Spacer?

Thermobar Warm Edge Spacer System is a rigid tube spacer system made with engineering plastic.  It has a unique gas/moisture barrier tape. It is one of two warm edge spacer systems we manufacture in-house. Thermobar and Thermoflex both offer highest thermal performance and are the result of Thermoseal Group’s 39-plus years of dedication to insulated glass.

Thermobar is currently available in black, grey and white in profile widths: 4mm, 7.5mm, 9.5mm, 11.5mm, 13.5mm, 15.5mm, 17.5mm, 19.5mm, 21.5mm and 23.5mm. We supply these in boxes or large stillages of 8,000m.  Our box quantities have been developed in response to customer feedback.  For the full range, click here.

We also supply a wide range of bespoke fittings for Thermobar, many of which are injection moulded in our own injection moulding division.  Fittings include:  Standard Corner Keys; Gas Corner Keys; Gas Collars and Plugs; Flexi Keys; Straight Connectors. Also fittings to simulate multipane windows including Duplex Centre and Edge Keys and Interbar and Fittings.

Q. I’m looking to start up a new business making insulated glass sealed units / dual pane glass, can you help?

Yes.  We can supply manufacturing packages including all the equipment you need to start making your own insulated glass sealed units.  If you are looking for a simple process with minimal investment, then you may wish to look at our Thermoflex Equipment packages. We can also quote for all the components you require.  Contact your Area Sales Manager now:

Q. How do I make an Insulated Glass (IG) Sealed Unit / Dual Pane Glass?

For full details, please see: ‘How to make a sealed unit’ page.

Q. What insulated glass components do I require to make an insulated glass sealed unit, or as some refer to it as dual pane glass?

For full details, please see: ‘Components required to make a sealed unit’ page.

Q. How does Thermoseal Group ensure that all components supplied are of the highest quality?

We have a specific focus on IG sealed unit components and now manufacture over 55% of the products we supply.  In the long-run, we aim to increase the number of products we manufacture in-house where we have complete control over the quality of our products.

Our own highly-skilled Technical Centre is kitted out with a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment to innovate and develop new products while testing to EN1279 quality standards, as well as a range of international requirements.  We also have the facility to study our components from raw material, right through the manufacturing process and subject our products to strict quality control procedures.  Our brought-in goods are also subject to our rigorous quality control checks. 

We operate to new ISO-9001:2015 standards and adopt many Kaizen methods of manufacturing.  We continually test our products, as well as brought-in goods to benchmark our standards, subject our components to continual improvement and ultimately optimize their longevity with in IG sealed units. 

We are experts in our field and our data sheets reinforce our world industry leading thermal values. 

Q. How do I order insulated glass components from Thermoseal Group for export outside of the UK?

If this is your first contact with Thermoseal Group, please enquire about a specific product using the ‘enquire’ buttons via this website, or e-mail  and we’ll ensure that our Export Manager contacts you with further details.  Should you wish to go ahead and order, our accounts team will then be in touch to set up an account with us.  If you already have an account and have been quoted prices, please contact or call 00 44 1942 621557 now to place your order.  Shipping costs will be quoted on order.  You will then receive an order confirmation via e-mail so please check all the information is correct.

Q. How do I get my delivery notes and invoices from Thermoseal Group?

On arrival at the customers' site, our driver has a tick-list of items to be delivered which are checked off with the customer on receipt of the order. As items are selected and signed for on our digital device, this then triggers same-day emails to customers with the delivery note and invoice. The email addresses these are delivered to can be separate e-mail address of customers’ choice.

Should you require a copy invoice or further proof of delivery of your orders, please don’t hesitate to contact our accounts department on  Our accounts team can also help with any invoice queries you may have.

Q. Can I collect my goods from Thermoseal Group?

Thermoseal Group offers a morning trade counter collection service, but please check opening times and arrange collection with your local branch prior to arrival to ensure that we can pick the goods for you. There may be times when our warehouse has a high volume of delivery and dispatch vehicles to unload and load, and there are certain days when our collection service may be closed due to Stock Take or Staff Training.

Q. What delivery service does Thermoseal Group offer?

Thermoseal Group owns its own fleet of vehicles to deliver to UK and Ireland customers. However, if you’re ordering in Scotland, you will receive your goods from our Agent. Generally, we aim to deliver goods to UK customers within three working days, but if you are local to one of our branches, you may be within the catchment area to receive daily drop-offs. Our UK delivery service is free, but in order to cover our logistics costs, we do have a minimum order charge so please ensure that you check this when ordering your goods.

We do supply to export customers. Shipping costs are quoted on order.

Q. Does Thermoseal Group offer a paperless order and delivery service?

Thermoseal Group has installed a new order tracking and delivery system which is the final stage in achieving a completely paperless sales order processing service to UK customers.

As well as doing its bit for the environment, this system provides a multitude of benefits to customers including real-time tracking and satellite location of deliveries, as well as same-day e-mailed delivery notes and invoices.

Once orders are processed on our system, an e-mail order confirmation is sent to the customer.  Orders are then picked, packed and loaded on our vans for delivery.  Once the items are dispatched on one of our UK vehicles, the customer receives an e-mail to say their order is on route. These routes are then tracked from our offices and timings are updated in line with driver location so our sales order processing teams can update customers with when their delivery is due for arrival and notify them of any delays. Satellite navigation also ensures drivers are re-routed to reduce hold-ups.

On arrival at site the driver has a tick-list of items to be delivered which are checked off with the customer on receipt of the order. As items are selected and signed for on our digital device, this then triggers same-day emails to customers with the delivery note and invoice. The email addresses these are delivered to can be separate e-mail address of customers’ choice.

Q. How do I re-order goods from Thermoseal Group?

Re-ordering goods is as easy as telephoning or e-mailing sales coordinators at your local branch.  However, you’ll soon be able to order online so if you’re on our customer list, watch out for updates from us.  You’ll get an e-mail order confirmation as soon as your order is processed, so please watch out for this and contact us with any changes prior to the items being dispatched.

Q. What can I expect from the local Area Sales Manager?

Area Sales Managers at Thermoseal Group are your initial contact point for quotations on the products we supply and to establish the sales order and delivery service we can offer to suit your requirements. For daily sales, you’d speak to the sales coordinators at your local branch, but your Area Sales Manager is always the person to speak to about anything new or any changes you require.See our team at:

Q. Which is my local order and delivery depot and who is the local Area Sales Manager?

Thermoseal Group has four UK depots taking sales orders and delivering to UK customers as follows:
Birmingham Depot covers the Midlands, Wales and the South West.
Wigan Depot:North, Scotland and Export Sales
Kent Depot: East Midlands, South and South East
Belfast:Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland
Click here to find information and contact details on our depot teams and Area Sales Managers at each depot.

Q. How do I apply for a trade account with Thermoseal Group?

You can speak to your Thermoseal Group Account Manager, or e-mail our credit control department on  You will be sent an Account Request Form to fill in and return.  Once this has been sent back, our credit control department will contact you with account details once your account is set up.

Q. How do I order Glass Machinery, Machine Parts or get maintenance quotes?

If you’d like a price or to order any glass machinery from our new or used range, then please contact your account manager. to find the account manager covering your country or region.

If you are looking for machinery parts or maintenance information, then please contact our engineering team on  Alternatively, call our Birmingham site on 0044 (0)121 331 3950 and ask to speak to the engineering department.

Q. How do I order bespoke Georgian Patterns from Thermoseal Group?

Thermoseal Group Georgian department makes bespoke orders to customer specification. To get a quotation and order, please e-mail or contact 0121 331 3966.

Q. How do I order DecraLed Lead, Bevels, Film or Fused Tiles?

DecraLed Lead products can be purchased from any of Thermoseal Group’s UK branches and delivered with the rest of the Insulated Glass components you order. Please note that there is a minimum order charge for our delivery service so please check this when you order. Contact your local depot sales coordinator.

DecraLed Bevels, Film and Fused Tiles will be delivered from our Wigan site. Orders over £100 will be available for free UK next day delivery. Orders below £100 will be subject to an approximate charge of £6.30 for UK postage and packaging. Contact our Northern depot now on 01942 621557 or e-mail to place your order now. Click here to view the full product range.

Q. Why is Thermoseal Group a Trusted Manufacturer of Warm Edge Products?

In the past ten years, Thermoseal Group has invested million’s in manufacturing. Much of this has been invested in setting up bespoke manufacturing facilities, our own Technical Centre and EN1279 Test Centre and equipment to develop our own warm edge product ranges. Test equipment alone is worth in excess of £500K and our knowledge and expertise is growing daily. Thermobar and Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacer are the result of extensive research, development and ongoing testing. We do not do things by half!

We have been supplying to the UK insulated glass industry for over 40 years and our understanding of the window industry, in particular our customers business, is second to none. Testament to this is the fact that many of our customers have been purchasing insulated glass components and glass machinery from us for over 20 years.

Q. What DecraLed Products Does Thermoseal Group supply?

Thermoseal Group purchased the stock and assets of North Western Lead in 2017 and added the full range of DecraLed decorative products to its portfolio including:  Decra Led®; Decra Glow® Decorative Film and Decra Bevels® and Fused Tiles.  Thermoseal Group now manufactures all DecraLed adhesive lead in-house. 

We now electroplate lead to produce Antique, Brass and Platinum Finish.  We also have a powder coating plan to produce any colour of lead.

We have invested more in DecraLed than the initial purchase cost.  We now have a new state-of-the-art design studio with clean room in Wigan for film production.  The studio is kitted out with the ideal air conditioning and extraction facilities to enable us to produce bespoke designs in an optimum clean environment for our customers to incorporate into their own insulated glass units.

For our full range of decorative products, click here.

Q. How do I order insulated glass components from Thermoseal Group Limited for the first time?

Please enquire about a specific product using the ‘enquire’ buttons via this website, or e-mail or call 0845 331 3950 (International: 0121 331 3950) and we’ll ensure that a local Account Manager contacts you with further details.  Should you wish to go ahead and order, our accounts team will then be in touch to set up an account with us.  If you already have an account and have been quoted prices, please contact your local branch team to order.

Q. What are Thermoseal Group’s opening hours?

Thermoseal Group’s depots are open to take orders from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday. You can place an order out of hours by sending your request via e-mail to the sales coordinator at your local branch. See Our Support Teams. Thermoseal Group’s depots are open for collection on weekday mornings, but please contact your local branch prior to arrival to ensure that we can pick the goods for you. There may be times when our warehouse has a high volume of delivery and dispatch vehicles to unload and load, and there are certain days when our collection service may be closed due to stock take or staff training.

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Our business is dedicated to the manufacture and supply of highest performance components and machinery used in the manufacture of insulated glass. Our particular focus Is on the development of components designed to help meet the changing requirements for more thermally efficient windows. We are a multiple award-winning organisation with almost 40 years in the industry.

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