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Q. Will Thermoflex reels work on current manual and automated equipment?

Yes. All reels / coils have been made to fit with existing foam spacer manufacturing equipment.

In terms of automation, we have supplied samples of our warm edge products to a range of machinery manufacturers including those who supply worldwide, such as Forel, Lisec and Bystronic; as well as others such as Korean and Chinese manufacturers who supply to their own specific market rather than for export.  Although our products generally work on the majority of automated machine set-ups, we have tweaked our product formulas and worked with the manufacturers, distributors and customers, both in the UK and export markets, to build up a database of specific calibrations for each type of machinery. Ultimately, we took our time with product trials, which was more crucial when working with Thermoflex as we made minute alterations to the formula to optimise the way it runs on the wide range of different machines operating across different continents.

It’s important to add at this point in time, that in order to do this we have invested heavily in our Technical Centre and EN1279 Test Facilities to ensure that any minor alteration we make to our products doesn’t have any impact on its highest performance thermal properties, or on the longevity of the product within the lifetime of a window. 

Q. Is Thermobar Warm Edge Spacer bendable?

Yes. However, as Thermobar is made with an engineering plastic, it needs heat to bend. This can be manually bent using a heat source, or bent using automated bending machines. With Thermobar, it is important that it works using traditional automated bending machines, as well as the new ones entering the market, so we work with a wide range of warm edge bending machine suppliers to optimise the speed that the product bends and maximise output.

Q. How do I make an Insulated Glass (IG) Sealed Unit / Dual Pane Glass?

For full details, please see: ‘How to make a sealed unit’ page.

Q. What insulated glass components do I require to make an insulated glass sealed unit, or as some refer to it as dual pane glass?

For full details, please see: ‘Components required to make a sealed unit’ page.

Q. How do I order Glass Machinery, Machine Parts or get maintenance quotes?

If you’d like a price or to order any glass machinery from our new or used range, then please contact your account manager. to find the account manager covering your country or region.

If you are looking for machinery parts or maintenance information, then please contact our engineering team on  Alternatively, call our Birmingham site on 0044 (0)121 331 3950 and ask to speak to the engineering department.

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Our business is dedicated to the manufacture and supply of highest performance components and machinery used in the manufacture of insulated glass. Our particular focus Is on the development of components designed to help meet the changing requirements for more thermally efficient windows. We are a multiple award-winning organisation with almost 40 years in the industry.

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