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400W Hotmelt Gun (plug gas holes) (Sold Individually) (Sold Individually)

Product Code: GAS SEAL GUN AIR

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Stand-alone Hot Melt Guns for filling small holes left in sealed units after gas filling. The 400W gun heats up quickly and features a thermostat to help control the heat in the in-built chamber to ensure that the gun is safe for handling and the hot melt doesn’t burn. It is operated by a trigger which displaces the hot melt into the gas corner key or gas plug hole as directed by the operator.

Power requirements:
Voltage: 230 V
Heating capacity: 400 W
Air pressure for glue max.: Approx. 90 psi/6 bars
Air consumption max.: 100 l / min.
Temperature control: Thermostat
Temperature control range: Approx. 20-200°C
Overheat protection: Thermal protector
Fuse: 3A
Heat-up time: 3-10 min. dependant on material
Length of electric cord: Approx. 8,5 m
Tank capacity: 250 ml
Max. application of glue per minute: 250 ml

You adjust the desired temperature between approx. 20 and 200°C; so you always operate at the temperature prescribed for the glue.
Heating and thermostat are installed directly behind the nozzle, this makes sure that the glue is dispensed at the optimum temperature.
Due to the extremely low weight and the balance within the instrument the work is not tiring and your wrist will not be strained.

Parts & Services:
UK mainland Warranty:
• 12 month limited parts and labour warranty, inc. delivery and installation.
Export Warranty:
• 12 month limited parts warranty. Delivery and installation by quotation.

Weight 1.2kg
Box Quantity Sold Individually
400W Hotmelt Gun (plug gas holes) (Sold Individually)
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