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Our Technical Centre and EN1279 test laboratory is operated by qualified Chemists using the latest technology to study insulated glass (IG) components at a molecular level.

We are dedicated to IG and focus completely on ensuring that all of our products are designed for longevity in windows and comprehensively tried and tested for ease of use in manufacturing IG units. This section of our website is where you’ll find technical news, data sheets, answers to frequently asked questions and links to technical information across our website.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to e-mail


Q. Do you have any tips for making sealed units to meet EN1279 part 3 standards?

  • Limit the number of paths for escape of gas where possible and ensure that corners, joints and staple holes are secured to limit gas loss. It is unlikely that you will be able to meet the requirements of part 3 without using a dual seal system - i.e. PIB as an inner sealant.  If you don't have a PIB machine, ask us about purchasing your spacer bar with pre-applied PIB.
  • Try using hand-applied PIB as a primary seal to bond your unit together.
  • Once your unit is filled with gas, plug and fill gas holes as soon as possible to limit the gas loss during manufacture.
  • To achieve the best sealant bond ensure that the sealant is at its optimum temperature for application and that the glass is warm and dry.

Q. What is the shelf life of Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacer?

The shelf life of Thermoflex Warm Edge Spacer is 12 months from the date of manufacture and this is printed on the individual label attached to each box.  This is a similar shelf life to other pre-desiccated flexible spacer systems and may still be fully active beyond this period.  

To ensure that the product is fully active, you can check this using an activity test kit, which is  available to purchase from Thermoseal Group.  See: Thermoflex Desiccant Test KitsReplacement Humidity Indicator Cards are also available.

We recommend that once opened, Thermoflex should be resealed in the original foil bag, expelling as much air as possible to ensure the maximum usable life.

Q. What are EN1279 Standards for Manufacturing Insulated Glass Sealed Units?

Sealed unit manufacturers trading within the EU must consider this European standard for manufacturing insulated glass sealed units. It has 6 parts as follows:

Part 1 of the standard deals with a number of key issues for all manufacturers of insulating glass units in building. It covers the system description, which describes the properties and performance of the products being manufactured.  

Part 2 is for air-filled units and requires the manufacturer to have a set of units tested to determine their resistance and moisture ingress.  

Part 3 for gas-filled units (normally Argon) and requires the manufacturer to have a set of units tested to determine their ability to retain the gas, and hence the claimed thermal performance improvement for the working life of the unit. Please note that building regulations suggest that the majority of double glazed sealed units will need to be gas-filled to meet energy efficiency guidelines and achieve higher Window Energy Ratings (WERs). This test can take up to six months from application, so apply now so that you can continue to supply insulated glass sealed units which meet the demand for WERs.

Part 4 for sealants (to be supplied by sealant suppliers).

Part 5 is the legal part of the standard and all other parts support part 5.

Part 6 describes a minimum factory production control systems and describes the required periodic testing.

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