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NM1 Multigas Filler (Sold Individually)

Product Code: GAS NM1 MULTI1

Description Spec/Dimensions

This Gas filler is suitable for both horizontal filling sealed units through one hole and vertical filling through two holes.One port fast fill Argon or Multi-gas option.
Side one has an extra connection enabling the Argon fast fill function to be turned off thus allowing the use of other inert gases such as Krypton via the displacement method.This greatly reduces waste of expensive gases.
It is lightweight and easily portable for use in the modern sealed unit manufacturing environment.
This machine can only use one type of gas at a time.
Optional Extras: Portable workstation, AR Gas Tester, Spare Probes.

Construction & Finish:
• Mild Steel
• Polyester Powder Coat
Power Requirements:
• Electrical Voltage: 220/230V
• Current 6: Amps
• Connection: 13 Amp plug
• Types of gas: Argon (Ar), Krypton (Kr), Xenon (Xe)
• No of ports: 1 (with connectors for Argon or other gases).
• Argon fill rate: 30 - 35 Litres per minute
• Other gas fill rate: 12 - 15 Litres per minute
Filling process:
Horizontal one hole filling with Argon only. Vertical filling using two holes with any gas.
• Display: 20 x 4-Character display indicating constant state of machine.
• Controls: Microprocessor controlled, auto self-calibrating; Run-on timer (adjustable by customer) to ensure complete fill of units.
• Quick Gas Change: Simply change the gas by swapping the compressed gas cylinder and quickly switching the setting on the machine.
• Low maintenance: Uses pumps with no rotary vanes thus cutting down on maintenance.
• Safety: Audible and visual alarms indicate when:-
- A unit is filled with gas (Argon pressure detectors indicate under/overfill).
- The gas supply is low (if gas bottle is switched off or needs changing).
Supplied with:
• A bottle regulator for Ar gas.
• Filling lances.
• Pipe work.
• Foot pedals for starting the filling process.
Optional Additions:
An additional regulator is required for use with Krypton Gas.
Voltage Requirements: 220/230V
Current Requirements: 6 Amps Parts & Services:
All new Multigas Gas Fillers are sold with a warranty as follows:
• UK mainland Warranty: 12 months parts and labour warranty, including delivery and installation.
• Export Warranty: 12 months parts warranty. Delivery and installation by quotation.

Width 520mm (1.706 ft)
Height 540mm (1.772 ft)
Depth 500mm (1.64 ft)
Weight 1kg
Box Quantity Sold Individually
NM1 Multigas Filler
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